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Meet Belle

Building Intellect within

Belle is a dedicated and experienced Educator that wants every child to succeed. With over 20 years of educating children within a Kindergarten or a Primary School setting she has a strong understanding of the chaos that occurs in a classroom, how children can get 'lost', 'left behind', or 'struggle' with no fault of their own.

Belle's passion is the area of social/emotional intelligence and development. From her own personal experience, as an educator, she has come across many children that have 'blockers' preventing them to achieve their best. With all she has experienced
, her observations, the students overall wellbeing is a priority. Her drive is to ensure that through a positive approach, a connection to self, and through mindful movement with emphasis on breath, all children will enhance their ability to succeed.  She understands how to create a safe learning environment and build a positive student/teacher connection for children to shine their inner light.

Through her vast experience, Belle has an understanding of the interrelationship between the fundamental learning development and social/emotional development and how they can affect the child's overall achievement. As an Educator and Yoga for Children Instructor her main goal is to facilitate, guide and support children through a process that allows the children an opportunity to construct their own understanding of self in an holistic approach.

She believes for the utmost lifelong success, children need to nurture their inner light and understand the connection between their mind and body. As founder and operator of Almond Blossom, Belle has the passion in making a difference and has a strong emphasis of inspiring children to awaken their potential. 

95hrs Yoga for Children
Graduate Diploma Primary School
Bachelor Early Childhood Studies
Diploma in Children Services
VIT Registered

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