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Awakening children's potential

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Almond Blossom

Do you feel like you or your child isn't reaching their full potential?

Welcome to Almond Blossom Learning Centre! We provide an AWAKEN Program to inspire 9-18 yr olds to know their true self, have the confidence to succeed and awaken their potential.

Are you or your child experiencing with difficulties?

Almond Blossom offers a specialised youth yoga program focusing on helping children and teens develop emotional resilience and healthy coping mechanisms to deal with anxiety, fears, worries, low self esteem, and disorders. With an experience and compassionate instructor, our program is designed to foster a safe and healing space for young people and promote positive self-growth.

Clarity of Mind

Almond Blossom believes that their program allows the children to know about themselves, become aware of their bodies and the connection of their emotions and mind. Through this holistic approach it meets children's physical/mental/social and emotional development.

The advantages of AWAKEN Yoga for Learning Program includes​​

  • clears the mind for better clarity and decision making

  • balances emotions

  • breathing techniques for regulation of emotions

  • helps them to relax and sleep better

  • calms the nervous system to feel a sense of stillness and peace

  • promotes mindfulness

  • increases positive self esteem

 At the end of each session young children will be calm, build a lifetime of health and wellness that is infused with energy to awaken their potential.



Targeted program focuses on the connection between children's mind and body through mindfulness and movement, building their inner peace and self awareness. At the end of the session, children feel relaxed and calm as they have worked their body and mind. If children feel their best they are going to perform their best. That's the beauty of  this program, your child is navigating and exploring the capabilities of their body and mind to awaken their potential.


Through an holistic approach children's physical, cognitive, social, emotional and spirituality are strengthened. Their environment and what they eat affects their mind, body and learning. This area has tips and suggestions of nutrition, recipes and ways to have a chemical free household.

All sessions are theme based with an intention and educational value. They are designed to meet the specific need of your child. The structure of the program includes sessions that takes your child through a variety of poses, movement, breathing techniques, relaxation and reflection of the intention through a hands on craft activity. Children feel relaxed and calm as they've worked their mind and body. 

Through the use of music, storytelling, creative imagery, songs and props your child will experience many more hidden gems that are incorporated in the fun learning sessions, to awaken their potential. 



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